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Trail Riding

Please contact via our "Get in Touch" form if you are interested in assisting this committee or know of any trail rides that AHAA members might be interested in.



2022 Trail Rides:  

 No trail rides have been organized yet. 




Trail Riding Rules:

  1. No stallions.

  2. Foals with mares must be haltered and led.

  3. Red ribbons on tails of kickers.

  4. Trail boss has absolute authority.

  5. Try to keep one horse length between horses.

  6. No dogs.

  7. Anyone under 14 yrs of age must be accompanied by a guardian.

  8. Trail boss assign drag riders.

  9. When going through a gate, pass through single file and wait until everyone has cleared the gate.

  10. No tie downs (river hazzard, etc ).

  11. In case of runaways or other accidents, dismount, hold your horse and get off trail.

  12. No abuse of horses.

  13. No smoking, especially in dry conditions.

  14. No littering.

  15. No drinking of alcohol during the ride.

  16. No running when in a group, or past other horses.

  17. Someone carries a first aid kit.

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